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Art and the Rant by Prashanth

Prashanth and Mahima
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The Art and the Rant is a collaboration between the Ifmag’s writers and illustrators to produce a series of illustrations and descriptions with the potential to provoke your thoughts.

Climb on board! Lend your eyes to the art and ears to the rant.

#1  Voyeur Goddess

picture 1

Between the Voyeur and the Goddess, who is who?

Is the goddess clad in a saree lusting for the freedom of the naked women? Or the naked women voyeurs of the misery of the Goddess enslaved in the prison of societal expectations?

I know not of who is who.

But I do know you… yes you… who is looking at this painting right now. You’re voyeuring the voyeurs. Aren’t you?

# 2 The Inkblot

picture 2

What do you see?

A little boy dreaming of rainbows? Or a faceless woman so content with her lack of identity?

Do you see a rose flower, perhaps, a symbol of peace?

Or the big orange moon awaiting the war cry of the wolves?

Do you see birds? Are they happy?

Oh wait. Do you see origami birds? Tell me, at the least, they are happy.

Do you see the grey cloud and the artist’s misery?

Or perhaps the sun bidding you adieu until tomorrow?

Whatever you see you see, unless deeper you see, all but what you are.

#3 Lolita

pic 3

Our father, you say created the heavens.

Our forefathers, you say gave us our land.

Our father, you say founded our nation and our constitution.

Our father, you believe forgives our sins.

But in a fit of rage, “motherf***er” is all you can think of.

Perhaps it is time for Lolita to run away to a farther land.

For this is a patriarchal world with collective daddy issues!

NOTE: No artwork presented herein is owned by the IF Mag. All illustrations are exclusively created by the illustrator Mr. Prashanth and sold on appropriate forums. All descriptions however, belong solely to IF Mag.

If you intend your artwork to be featured on the next “The Art and the Rant” post, kindly send your entries to or

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