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All Lives Matter

Teena Benjamin
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ALL LIVES MATTER!” they scream.


Even to you, the gatekeepers of morality

All lives don’t matter.

This pandemic was called a great equaliser.

Money can’t buy a cure anymore.

But dying of a viral infection

And dying of fatigue and starvation on the roads

How is that equal?

“The system is unable to take the overload” they scream

What system?

The system has been dead for decades.

The rich have been gorging themselves

On the blood of the poor and unfortunate

For centuries.

We depend on men to make the world better.

We demand charity and compassion to care for the poor.

“The reasonably well off”

Who are one chronic disease away from going bankrupt

How will they provide for everyone?

For every hollow eyed toddler dying of hunger

Every displaced villager, a squatter on his own land

Every man, woman and child who has lost human dignity

And was never given it, to begin with.

“All lives matter!”

To the middle class

To the young people with a spark in their eyes

To those with empathy

Till that spark is killed by mountains of grief

The price we paid for caring more than we could

Grief for those we never knew

For our own helplessness

Shame for not doing enough

Never being enough

While the rich still gorge on blood.

“They earned their wealth!” you scream.

A generation of pacifists

Too afraid to rock the boat

You must not bite the hand that feeds you, after all!

The poor is your enemy

You envy and worship the rich

Whose empires were built on the backs of workers

Broken backs

Are all we have left to show for it.

Men are kind and men are self centred

Men are noble and men are cowards

Men are strong and the same men fall

The goodness of a common man cannot redeem the world.

I throw your smug righteousness back in your face

I cast your capitalist values to the flames

The poor man is hungry, cold and misled

When his veins run dry, he will see red

The day his silent patience dies

The bloodied streets and roads will cry


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